Short moral stories Do not carry a gun in the other's shoulder

short moral stories : Do not carry a gun in the other's shoulder 

Shot Moral Stories in English   This is the story of a donkey in which the donkey befriends a lion but he  Picks up.

Short moral stories , new stories

 Troubles you up.  The moral of this short Moral Stories is that we should not carry a gun on someone's shoulder.

This a short Moral Stories Let's start

 Moral Stories

 A king lion lived in a forest very kind and powerful There was no one to fight the lion in the whole forest ।This was also a donkey in this forest, very weak and good hearted on the doodle

 One day the donkey got into the forest and wanted to kill him. 
donkey started running away from life And came in front of the 
 running loin Seeing the all the wolves fled but the donkey was exposed

 He was very scared, he felt that he was no longer there Now he stood silently
 looking at the lion and bowing his head 
But the lion did not kill him Now the lion said to him that seeing me,

 the animals are afraid in the whole forest
 but you don't I die all the animals in the forest It is better
 that you eat me.What would be more
 fortunate for me that the king of the jungle should eat me.

 The lion was happy and started laughing and said that it was
 a pleasure to meet you No need to fear you now
 I am your friend from now on The donkey rose and stood in front of him in honor of the lion. 

 Now wherever the lion goes, there also goes the
 donkey, It was spread throughout the forest
 that the king lion had friendship with the donkey.

 Now all the animals were scared even after seeing the donkey
 The donkey started enjoying that everyone
is scared to see him Now he took advantage of the moment,

 now he saw the wolves who ran him.Now the donkey ran after them screaming, 
looking at the lion, the wolves ran away. 
Donkey gets happy.

 Now the lion felt bad that it was taking advantage of my friendship The other day the donkey
 ran to a monkey to flee the herd And this time the lion stopped behind,.
 now seeing the donkey doing this the monkey
 hit him a lot Now he bled Now now the creep came in front

 of the lion and said that Maharaj did not help me.
 Now King l said, friend, you had started taking wrong advantage of my friendship, that's why it was necessary to teach you a lesson.
 You were enmity with all animals, that's why
 I did not come to save you Now you will not treat anyone like this.

 Now in this way the lion taught the donkey that one should never take advantage of one's friendship.

 Moral stories -moral of this stories

 The Moral of this New Moral Stories is  that one should never take advantage of one's friendship Never carry a gun in someone else's shoulder .

 This also means that no one should have enmity with anyone. 
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